Senior police officers stealing from juniors…..  

Senior police officers stealing from juniors…..  

Junior police officers from the Protective Unit – PU also known as mobile police guarding sensitive installations have lamented how their bosses order them to surrender half of their allowances earned from the posts to them or risk being blacklisted. Commanders rake between K30 and K60,000 monthly from this dirt.

Armed officers who guard banks and other financial institutions get between K75 and K100 per day and between K150 and K200 per night which is paid to them at the end of each month but soon after getting the money their bosses harass them demanding to get half the total amount.

A racket exists where the money is paid to every PU divisional commander by each officer at any installation and after the Divisional commander gets his cut and gives part of it to the Commissioner of police he then remits the other to the overall commander of the PU in Lusaka. The PU commander is in turn expected to make a ‘small donation’ to the police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja.

The officers also complained that PU is the waste department in police because some officers deployed at government installations like bridges have not even been receiving their food rations as prescribed by conditions but whenever these rations come they are shared among top command in the police.

They said that the development is very frustrating and usually tempts officers into engaging into criminal activities hence reports of officers lending military guns to thieves to go and stage armed robberies and later benefit from the robbery.

They have appealed to responsible authorities to stop this barbaric act if cases of military weapons being in wrong hands are to be eliminated completely.

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