Senior prisons officers clash over selection of relatives for training as warders

Confusion has characterised the selection process of the final 200 successful candidates to be trained as prison warders after Commissioner General of Prisons Percy Chato reportedly imposed 50 candidates onto the list.

A source close to the election committee has told the Watchdog that some of the candidates imposed by Chato, who claims that he was doing it on behalf of ‘higher authorities’ did not even attend the physical and aptitude tests conducted at the training centre over the weekend. The final list was supposed to be finished by yesterday so that by 2nd December the recruits start their training.

“We had over 8,000 people who expressed interest and we came up with a provisional list of about 403 who attended the physical and aptitude tests at the training centre but at the end the boss imposed about 50 names, some of which were not even at Mukobeko grounds and this angered other senior officers,” he said.

After the wrangle the committee resolved to ask Chato to make a request to the ministry of home affairs to allow the Zambia Prisons service to recruit more for this particular intake and in spite of only having prepared a budget for 200 recruits, more will have to be added.

Most of the people selected are dependants or somewhat related to senior officers, government or PF officials.

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