Womanising UPND veep Kapita to join PF when Lungu visits North-western after pocketing US$500,000

Womanising UPND veep Kapita to join PF when Lungu visits North-western after pocketing US$500,000



Womanising UPND vice president for political affairs Richard Kapita has accepted $500,000 to defect to the ruling PF when president Edgar Lungu visits North-Western province.

Lungu will travel to North-Western province tomorrow (Thursday) to ostensibly meet victims of landmines in Ikelengi district. Lungu will later tour Kansanshi mines then on Saturday address a rally in Mwinilunga district. It is at the Mwinilunga rally that Kapita is expected to announce his joining of the PF. According to State House sources, this is the main reason Lungu will travel to North-western – to ‘welcome’ Kapita.

But UPND sources say Kapita’s departure is good riddance and has been long over due. Sources in UPND say Kapita has been excess baggage and has been spending most of the time having sex with grassroots cadres instead of working to build the party. Kapita has caused the breaking up of marriages of at least two UPND members and has more than 10 children from different women in different parts of the country.

UPND insiders say Kapita has been having problems with the party from the time he stole money meant for Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) during the presidential by-election. The party entrusted Kapaita with the duty to organise the PVT and gave him all the resources he needed but just stole the money forcing the party to organise another PVT a few days before polls.

Later, Kapita is said to have become uncomfortable and feared for his position after MPs like Felix Mutati, Kabinga Pande, Geoffrey Mwaamba and others started working with UPND.

After the presidential by-election, Kapita accepted the first chunk of money from the PF with instructions to destabilise the party and call for a convention aimed at removing Hakainde Hichilema from the presidency. But he failed to mobilise enough support within the party to call for a convention.

A few days ago, president Lungu’s special assistant for corruption Kaizer Zulu paid Kapita$500,000 as agreement for him to defect to PF. After the bribery, the programme for Lungu to travel to Northwesten province was drawn with cosmetic additions of touring mines and visiting landmine victims.

Kapita has been trying to convince UPND structures, especially councillors in the province to resign with a view to cause by-elections but they have refused to follow him.

He was MP for Mwinilunga in 2001 but was subsequently rejected by the grassroots. During the the 2011 general elections, his bid to be MP failed again as he was rejected by the grassroots.

Kapita runs a tavern in Mwinilunga where he sleeps with all the female bar tenders.

State House sources say Lungu is currently under pressure from the sudden tours of thanking voters and community activities by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

But Lungu’s campaign meetings in the Northwestern province have been hidden in the pretext of meeting the victims of landmines in Ikeleng’e District.

Lungu, who will be welcomed by another UPND MP, Dawson Kafwaya, serving as his deputy minister will attend a church service on Sunday at St. Daniel Cathedral Catholic Church.


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