Sensing expulsion and knowing outcome, MP Sekwila apologises for flirting with Sata

UPND Livingstone MP Reverend Howard Sekwila has apologized to the general UPND membershipfor attending the launch of the Link Zambia 8,000 project without clearance from the party leadership.

Addressing a media briefing at the party Secretariat this morning, Reverend Sekwila said he is apologizing holeheartedly and hoped that the members of the UPND would find it within their hearts to forgive him.

“I hereby seek your forgiveness, am like a Prodigal son, please forgive me,” Reverend Sekwila said.

He added that he will never again attend a state function without clearance from the party.

Reverend Sekwila also revealed that he would not accept a job from the PF government if offered.

“I was never offered a ministerial job and I would never accept a job in this government even it was offered,” he said.

He said he is still a committed member of the UPND and willing to abide by the party’s rules and regulations.

Reverend Sekwila also denied reports that he was forced to apologize because he was faing expulsion from the party.

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