Serenje farmers resort to sleeping on shop corridors, doing piece work

Serenje farmers resort to sleeping on shop corridors, doing piece work

Scores of peasant farmers that sold their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Serenje district of Central province yesterday stormed the Office of Serenje District Commissioner demanded to be paid their money.

And Government through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has released K 4.5 billion out of the K 13.7 billion to be paid to farmers in the district who sold their maize to the agency.

Addressing the irate farmers who stormed his office today, Serenje district Commissioner Charles Mwelwa expressed disappointment with the slow pace at which the agency is paying farmers in the district.

Mr Mwelwa said it has come to his attention that some farmers are sleeping on shop corridors owing to the alleged inertia of the agency to pay farmers promptly.

He disclosed that government has already delivered the farming inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) in the district in readiness for the 2012/2013 farming season.

And speaking earlier in an interview with ZANIS, on behalf of other farmers, Chimensi Chibuye complained that most farmers from far flung areas of the district have been forced to engage in piece works in order to meet their daily needs.

Mr Chubuye further lamented that lack of social amenities posed a danger of water borne disease outbreak.

He has since made a passionate appeal to the Serenje district council to seriously considered reversing downwards the fee for fee paying sanitary facilities from the current K1000 to K 500 as a contribution towards alleviating the suffering of the farmers.

Mr Chibuye noted that lack of proper toilets in the district will act as a catalyst in spreading of diarrhoeal diseases in view of the rainy season.


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