Serenje ignores Lungu

Serenje ignores Lungu

FB_IMG_1449066803414 FB_IMG_1449066832942Dear Editor,

May the good Lord keep blessing your work.

Yesterday (1st December 2015), I was privileged to attend a ‘rally’ in Serenje, where I work as a civil servant in the District for over 7 years now. As the news of the arrival of the president was spread in the district, all civil servants were coerced to go and be in attendance, and all obliged from the look of this.

However, I was surprised to note that the local people were having a normal day, not moved by the president’s visit at all.. only a few Patriotic Front members that were mobilized by the district team were present.

As if that was not enough, there was nothing of a frenzy when the president’s motorcade was passing through the famous Nganswa Road. The shop owners were busy saying ‘aba nabafilwa’ and booed the motorcade. No one stood by the road to wave at him and this was so disappointing for Edgar Lungu.

I feel a lot has to be done by any party in Serenje that wants tenure of office. All citizens will agree with me that the Area Member of Parliament Phillip Kosamu, has not done anything apart from fanning confusion in many government departments especially the council. It was unfortunate the president threatened citizens at that meeting over the lack of respect for the Area MP without finding out why the citizens do not respect him. He should have examined his conduct and levels of interaction with the community besides his troubled SOCIAL life.

The area councillors leave so much to be desired (if you think this is a lie, attend the full council meeting or any council committee meeting which features  councillors). These are a bunch of riff raffs who lack logic and or reasoning. They have made the work of council workers very difficult due to constant threats and bad conducts they exhibit every now and then.

The president should note that his bad reception is partly as a result of these very local leaders who have nothing to explain or offer to the people of Serenje. Notably, even the chiefs are against the party in government due to the bad leadership manoeuvres by his district leaders. They should without any doubt be removed in 2016.

My message is the Patriotic Front as a whole, will be sent in oblivion if this is the type of reception the President can get in a once ‘PF Stronghold’.

Change is inevitable, Change is coming in  2016. That meeting was an embarrassment to the president.

Napwisha!!! Nalanda!!!

Veteran Civil Servant – Serenje District..

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