‘Serenje PF MP mobilising people for Rainbow party’

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space in your reputable online media to share my concerns over the current Member of Parliament in Serenje Central, Phillip Kosamu’s maneuvers. Lately, after being omitted from the appointments by Edgar Lungu, the Member of Parliament has started secret mobilizations for all PF members and sympathizers in the district to move from PF which he aid is a finished party to Wynter Kabimba’s Rainbow Party.

Disturbed by Lungu’s failure to appoint him or retain him to the Provincial Minister position that he held, Kosamu together with his friend the Ibolelo Ward Councilor have vowed to decampaign the ruling party, and usher in the Rainbow Party.


As a youth, who was raised and brought up in Serenje, I do not see the impact this new party will have in the district. The fact that Kosamu and his fellow PF stoogies in the district have brought more harm than good. Ever since PF took over, there has been no notable development in the district apart from the Recreation Centre, Football Pitch and the grading of roads that are so muddy, making it very difficult for the motorists to pass. Notably, all these mentioned projects apart from the roads have benefited only Kosamu and his PF who awarded themselves the contracts and received payments even before the works were completed.

The district is disillusioned by the PF rule especially the civil servants at Zambia Police, Education, Agriculture and Health who from time to time especially when Kosamu was a minister were receiving threats ranging from dismissals to transfers. Additionally, Kosamu and his PF clique have been forcing the local traditional council popularly ‘Insaka Ye Lala’ to help send away all Tongas and Lozis who they see as members of the UPND. The latest casualty of a quick transfer is Mr Hakanene, who was working as DEBS in Serenje. The man was accused of campaigning for the UPND and he was hastily transferred to Namwala.

I wish to urge all well-meaning Serenje residents to vote this man out as he has no understanding of what it means to be a parliamentarian and a servant to the people. As for the PF, this should serve as an eye opener because the man you believe is serving your interests has drifted away from them, he is busy mobilizing for Rainbow Party for 2016.


Umwana We Lala

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