Sergeant Chipepo charged with sedition

Police charge Chipepo with desertion, seditious practices

THE Police officer who announced his resignation on social media recently citing poor leadership in the service has been charged with desertion and seditious practices.

In the first count, chipepo a sergeant being a duly attested member of the Zambia police service and deployed at Nakonde Police Station did without lawful excuse absent from work for more than 28 days without intentions of returning.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase has confirmed in a statement that Chipepo, 28 is also facing seditious practices after he uttered and published seditious material with intention of bringing into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the government.

Njase has since warned men and women in uniform wishing to engage in politics to resign through the laid down procedures, in writing to the office of the inspector general of police.

He says the officer is in custody and he will appear in court soon.

Credit: Radio Phoenix

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    All the ZP High Command deserve a sack without any remuneration. They have been stupid and obedient to people who are busy trashing our constitution, and forcing their juniors to do crazy things against the peaceful citizens. Their allowing ZP staff to be going around with machine guns in a country which has known peace since our independence was a nail in the coffin for each one of them. They took a stand as if this country was in a civil war and readily used maximum force in situations least deserving at UNZA, in peaceful opposition rallies, etc. These top managers deserve no mercy but to join the corrupt thugs they believed were their masters instead of following the constitution which is the ultimate master for all of us.

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    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    The police Command has lost a very big asset, this Is my view, the command should have sat down with him and assisted him with further education and deploy him to the Police training schools, such a person was going to contribute to the change in attitude of current unethical policing, however I urge him to be strong as the change which will recognize people like him is just around the corner. If I were one of his prosecutors in the police force not service, I would do that with caution, BETTER DAYS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

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    Let us all support the Police 2 weeks ago

    His view surprisingly probably represent the entire Police service except a few in the command!

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    Retired Sgt Chipepo well done. We need more of your kind. A very brave youth! Gov don’t delay to pay him his benefits and pensions. ‘laid down…’? when did you start following procedures? Why are we in this mess, including Chipepo?

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    Ichalo Lifupa.. 2 weeks ago

    Better days are coming, be strong comrade  Chipepo.

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    Ichalo Lifupa.. 2 weeks ago

    Better days are coming, be strong Chipepo.

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    The young man is courageous.
    Leave him alone.