Serious matters need seriousness

Fellow Defence and Security officers, first and foremost allow me to apologise for failing to find a better platform than this one to address you. Let me also use this opportunity to appreciate all our officers for the commendable efforts of maintaining law and order during the 11th August 2016 general election campaigns and voting period which I am hereby confessing to have not been easy.
I would like to remind our fellow officers across all wings that as we endeavor to defend our nation we will remain loyal at the same time impartial so that we don’t act against the will of the people to avoid breakdown of peace which the country has enjoyed since independence.
In this crucial situation we are charged with a responsibility to execute our duties in a more professional manner that would not in any way compromise our integrity as well as the security of our nation.
I would urge the electoral Commission of Zambia to remain focused in ensuring that the will of the people is respected without delay as this has a huge potential to cause chaos in the country.
Bear in mind that this is not the first election we have had and it’s not too late for any one with selfish motives to declare interest if he or she thinks cannot withstand the pressure that goes with this process than putting the lives of many innocent citizens at stake.
Take this timely warning seriously and ensure that the interest of the nation supersedes that of an individual.
Concerned Senior Officer
Defense and Security Team

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