Service delivery at Kanyama clinic

Service delivery at Kanyama clinic

This is the process at kanyama clinic: early in the morning I wake up to go to the clinic. I arrive at 07hrs and join a line of people to buy hospital book. I manage to buy a book around 08:30 then am told to join the line of people going for VCT. I joine and I manage to be tested around 11hrs. From there I carry my book to join the line of people taking temperature and BP and since this section is mainly managed by student nurses so it takes time. Nevertheless around 12:40 I manage to be checked for BP and Temperature.

There after am told to join people who are waiting to see the Doctor or whatever he or she is called. Then as am seeking for the bench to sit the Doctor being waited for nocks off for lunch. The cleaners also come to chase people so that they can clean well during that lunch time. But I’m sick where can I sit? Even though I don’t have appetite to eat but I should atleast eat some. I check in my pocket but there is no money. I go outside to think whether to go home and never come back or to endure up to 14 hrs after all I need medication. I chose to wait while sitted on the rock licking my lips. 14 hrs I go to continue where I left. I manage to see him around 15 hrs. He looks tired and forces me to speak fast so that he attends to others. I know that but before I finish he tells me to go to the lab and scaning. Ok i pick up my book and when i reach at the lab am told they are closing. I complain a bit and go home. At night just like any sickness it gets worse but i endure up to morning. 07 hrs am already at the lab waiting. I manage to get the results at 09hrs. Then i take the book back to that Doc. I find 2 lines; one from the lab and the other just for first comers. There is tension at the door as to who should enter first. Our tempers are high we need quick services. We exchange words – a patient vs patient. Nevertheless i manage to go in around 11hrs. He looks at my results. I didnt go for scaning so am expecting him to ask. He is not bothered he just writes the medication. I go to the window to collect my drugs. Ops!!!! Its a group of people waiting for one lady to attend to them. Mmmmm i wait and finaly around 14:30 after lunch my name is called. She packs 2 papers of drugs – panado and brufen. Then he directs me to a pharmacy near by to buy 4 different types of drugs which the hospital doesnt have. I don’t have money so I just have to go home.

Hopeless am seated around 19 hrs and this guy from nowhere appears on my very own TV and boasting about the development in the health sector. I look at him and confirm with the world map whether am in zambia and for sure am in the capital city.

Then i think” development should start with service delivery. Why cant they put certain services in one room to avoid so many stations. Why should it take 2 days to collect panado and brufen? Why should i buy simple drugs when I am paying huge tax? Sure even a book where to write my government cant provide. Mmmm but am taxed heavily!!!!” My BP shoots.


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