‘Services in Lusaka’s Chelston worse than in villages’

Dear Watchdog,
I hope you find space to include my concerns in your online paper.
I live in Chelston, but the problems we have in Cheston are similar to people living in the outskirts of Chongwe.
Water Problems
We have erratic water supply in Cheston and conveniently for the water company, most of us residents of are on fixed charge. Meaning with or without water we still pay anyway. Some people have resorted to digging water wells.
Electricity problems
At least four evenings in a week from we do not have water from 18 hrs to around 22 hours, and ZESCO does not even give warnings or apologies.
ZNBC Signal
We do not have reliable signal in Cheston, and this has been for such a long time. If you want ZNBC signal in Cheston, you must fix a long aerial outside your a home or subscribe to DSTV, but we still pay K3000 through of course the electricity bill.
My appeal
My appeal is to all Cheston residents to (I dont know how) but come together and find a way of solving these problems. the strategy could be that those close to the powers that be please whisper to them of the need to have us live decent lives.
Those in the opposition who think they can make it in 2016, it’s time to show leadership and address these problems.
Concerned Resident of Chelston

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