Sesheke big enough for HH, Lungu to campaign

Sesheke big enough for HH, Lungu to campaign

Since this thug Kapyongo and these good for police are saying HH should leave Sesheke because Edgar Lungu is in Sesheke, does it mean that during general elections in 2021 HH should leave Zambia because Lungu will be campaigning?

Sesheke is large enough for everyone to campaign at the same time as long as they are in different locations. But why does Lungu want everyone to leave when he comes here? Is he afraid no one will go to his rally? Being president does not mean you must be greed.

I am a Sesheke resident, I tell you the gun shots and teargas you subjected our women
and children will haunt you forever. The little votes you would have obtained here have been shot away.


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