Sesheke MP rubbishes State House lies

Sesheke MP rubbishes State House lies


Yesterday, government/State house media published concoctions that Romea Kangombe has resigned and posted photos portraying that he was being received by president Edgar Lungu into PF. Probably the photo by Smart Eagles was meant to embarrass President Lungu when Kangombe refutes the lies as he has now done. President Lungu is surrounded by snakes most of them under the payroll of minister of health Chitalu Chilufya to spy on Lungu. The people who posted this old, misleading photo knew very well that Kangombe would rubbish it and in the process President Lungu will be insulted, so why did they do?

We are aware though though that the PF has approached Kangombe and other MPs to offer them big financial bribes to entice them to for Bill 10 when it is brought back to parliament after Covid-19.

In reaction to lies by state house spokesperson Isaac Chipampe and Nakiwe, Kangombe writes:

Only a fool will feed on such Cheap Propaganda.

Am a pure Red, if you think the New Team is weak and won’t work with us you are up for a very rude shock. Winning Tuma Bye Elections with stolen government resources isn’t a true reflection of your strength. In 2021 it will be each one for himself God for us all. You will never have the opportunity to camp in one constituency for 6 days alone and bring all DCs in one Local Government Bye Election.

You will know why the snake doesn’t have legs.

Share and shame these failures#.

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