Sesheke MP sees no sense in being MP

Sesheke MP sees no sense in being MP

*Sesheke MP, Romeo Kangombe says he may not stand*

If I decide not to contest it’s not about a G12 certificate, its a personal decision and a well thought decision.

We are not all into politics for money, atleast some of us are above that.

I am lucky to have stepped foot in parliament and nothing is exciting, what is there is contrary to what I expected. Your country needs men and women who are above reproach.

We need HH into State House, and this can be achieved if we campaigned on a bigger platform. What will it benefit us retaining our seats and continue being in opposition? We need to hit the ground sideways, up and down.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    Kangombe should have paid attention in his Civics classes. Parliament is not about excitement or even developing the constituencies that MPs represent. Parliament is for making laws. As somebody has pointed out below, without UPND MPs opposing the devilish Bill 10,Zambia would be stuck with Lungu’s schemes to be Life President. There’s no excitement in doing that necessary hard work. It is about lawmaking, not enjoying like in a disco.

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    Ngoma Yamaano 2 weeks ago

    The opposition needs more MPs in parliament. Bill 10 would have gone through if PF was allowed to have two thirds of MPs in Parliament. So it still makes sense for the opposition to field strong MP candidates.

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    Lusaka 2 weeks ago

    He has a case in the courts of law. Perhaps this is a good decision

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    THE SAINT 2 weeks ago

    ‘The bearer of this letter???’
    What none sense is that?

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    Anzeru Akummawa 2 weeks ago

    Yes!! I like this way of thinking,most politicians think that politics is the the only way to earn an income.