Sesheke MP urges Lungu to restore dignity to soldiers

Sesheke MP urges Lungu to restore dignity to soldiers

Sesheke Member of Parliament, Romeo Kangombe has appealed to President Edgar Lungu as commander in chief to stop the continued abuse of men and women in uniform by Patriotic Front cadres. Hon. Kangombe said he is very disappointed that the commander in chief has decided to remain mute as cadres continue to d grade and disrespect the men and women in uniform.

“Am very disappointed that a commander in chief has continued to pay a blind eye when his party are abusing the police and our military officers. I am appealing to President Lungu to quickly restore the dignity and respect for our men and women in uniform. Allowing cadres to continue undermining our security wings is a threat to national security and a President who swore to protect this country must quickly act. This lawlessness must end immediately.” Said a visibly angry Kangombe.

The Sesheke lawmaker was reacting to a photos which have gone viral on social media where ZAF officers have been captured saluting a known PF cadre in the name of Clement Tembo. Clement arrived in Mongu, Western province today aboard a Zambia Air Force chopper. He is the province to meet PF officials and distribute Presidential Empowerment Funds to party cadres.
Recently another video of a PF cadre abusing and disrespecting a traffic officers went viral.

” Since the coming of this PF administration our the respect for our men and women in uniform has diminished. Police officers are now getting orders from calls. This has to stop, we must all rise up and speak for police because they have no union.” Said the Sesheke lawmaker.

Romeo Kangombe has said it is immoral to use ZAF choppers to distribute PF handouts.

“The so called youth empowerment is only for PF cadres many Zambians youths are also taxpayers but PF government has only seen it fit to empower its political affiliated youths with this empowerment so let them use Party vehicles not government choppers.” Said Kangombe


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