Sesheke priest arrested for growing dagga near church

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested a priest of New Apostolic Church in Sesheke district for drug cultivation.

William Pumulo Siomboka, 37, was arrested for cultivating 2.1 tones of cannabis, DEC spokesperson John Nyawali has confirmed.

“Priest Siomboka of Siomboka congregation in chief Imalenda’s area had cultivated his cannabis fields about 150 meters away from the church premises,’ said Nyawali.

He was arrested on Christmas day together with six women from the same area who had cultivated a total of 7.1 tonnes of cannabis.

According to Nyawali, preliminary investigations indicate that the group was contracted to cultivate the cannabis which was earmarked for export to the neighboring countries.

Nyawali said that DEC is disheartened by the increasing number of custodians of good morals who get involved in illicit drug trade and urged church goers to uphold ethics and morals for a better future.

Measures have been put in place to ensure that cannabis fields are identified at an earliest possible stage and destroyed before they reach the market, said Nyawali.

Meanwhile, about 700 kilograms of cannabis was seized on Christmas day and 17 people arrested for trafficking in the psychotropic substance.

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