Sesheke pupils given forced transfers for insulting headteacher on Facebook

Twenty one (21) pupils from Sesheke High School have been suspended and given forced transfers to find schools of their own choice after a group which calls itself as ‘The Sesheke High School Gossips’ used foul language towards their head teacher and some members of staff on face book.

Confirming the development to ZANIS, the head teacher,  Lubinda Walubita, said  the suspensions have been necessitated by the 21 pupils who, around April this year, decided to open a website on the internet in the name of the school.

Mr Walubita said that the pupils were suspended after their names appeared  on Face book.

He added that among the many massages posted on internet was threatening to cut off private parts of a member of staff and sleeping with his wife.

The head teacher lamented that the notorious group also sent extremely derogatory remarks to his deputy through the same social network and called him all sorts of names for no apparent reason.

“These learners have been posting information ranging from inciting others to riot, threatening to burn some teachers’ houses, passing silly comments and insulting teachers on Face book,” Said Mr Walubita.

One of the suspended pupils, who could not disclose his name, told ZANIS that it is not everyone from Sesheke High School who was on face book who post  such disgusting messages.

Another 17-year-old Grade 11pupil who has also been suspended complained to ZANIS that he was only implicated by circumstances and granted a forced transfer.

The named pupil complained that he tried to explain to the head teacher that he was not involved and came from too far a place to get involved in such activities but the school authorities were hard on him.

Efforts to get a comment from the Provincial Education Officer (PEO) on a phone line in Mongu proved futile as the phone went answered.

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