Nine arrested in death of Chinese supervisor

Nine arrested in death of Chinese supervisor

Desperate not to lose Chinese money over the death of a China man at Collum Coal Mine in Sinazongwe, the Zambia government through its police have arrested seven people.

This is the same Collum mine where Chinese managers fired on rioting workers two years ago. The Chinese managers were charged with attempted murder, but the charges were dropped. Maybe miners this time were ready for their bosses.

And Labour minister Facksosn Shamenda has profusely apologised to Beijing of the death of 50-year-old Wu Shengzai, a supervisor at the coal mine.

The Chinese embassy in Lusaka has not made any public comments so far and is refusing to take press querries but the Watchdog understands that the Chinese diplomats are putting immerse pressure on Zambia to deal with the miners.

Wu Shengzai was caught up in the riot and is said to have died on the spot after being hit with a trolley by the rioting miners as he sought refuge in the underground tunnel at the mine.

Police immediately picked up two miners in connection with the riot and seven more people were arrested by police last night bringing the number to nine.

Another Chinese national Huang Jiawou was also injured during the weekend uprising

The miners were protesting delays by management to implement the revised minimum wage announced by the PF regime.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner, Dodo Sindaza said the rioting started when the irate miners realised that management had not implemented the new minimum wage for their July month-end salaries

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