Seven beaten for joining UPND

Seven people were last night brutally assaulted by Patriotic Front Cadres in Chawama compound in Lusaka for joining the UPND. A senior Police Officer has confirmed the development to the Zambian Watchdog. The officer said this happened after a number of Chawama residents led by one former influental PF Member called Bosano joined the UPND in Chawama yesterday. The Officer said five women and two men sustained serious cuts and were treated at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka last night. ” Yes last night we issued seven medical reports for the victims to be attended to by medical doctors. The matter is being handled by Chawama Police. The crime the victims committed was to join the UPND” the senior Police officer said. The officer named the ring leader of the group as a well known Chawama resident called Commando. ” We know the main suspect. He is called Commando. He is found at Snow White in Chawama but we have orders from higher authority not arrest him

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