Seven things PF needs to do to gain some confidence in people

It is almost a week since Former Justice Minister and PF Secretary General Mr Wynter Kabimba was stripped of both responsibilities. As much as people celebrated for having Wynter out of their lives, it does not automatically bring back the confidence and trust that people initially had in the PF government. If the PF were to win back the hearts of the Zambians, they should at all costs do the following seven things;

1. Mr Sata need to appoint a person who qualifies to occupy the position of Chief Justice as Madam Chibesakunda has overstayed in her Acting capacity and Parliament has refused to ratify her.

2. A clear roadmap to a People Driven constitution should be constituted by the newly appointed Justice Minister and PF SG.

3. The fight against corruption must be reinforced with the President’s allergy to corruption re-energized. The fight against corruption must not be perceived as an opinion.

4. The PF must destroy regional and tribal politics. A Political Party must not be perceived to belong to one tribe or region of the Country, they must be all embracing with leadership positions occupied by qualified people from all the 10 provinces cementing the Motto One Zambia One Nation.

5. They should reduce on borrowing. The PF in government has accessed huge loans and they seem to be running more than 50% of the budget on loans (especially the 2014 Budget) where Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda kept on mentioning “other sources” (unspecified) to financing most of the projects. 6. Transparencies and Accountability. The PF should be sincere to the people who put them in office concerning the promises they made, where they have failed they should be sincere enough to say they will do better next time, broken promises makes people lose trust especially is reason for failure to fulfil the promise is kept a secret.

7. Finally, the PF should BRING OUT the President from hiding, the President should not be running the country behind the scenes. We appreciate the fact that he fired Wynter behind the scenes, but it is rather Mysterious if the President who has been put in Public Office continues to operate Privately, we don’t want to live under that kind of mystery because it breeds a lot of suspicion and speculation among members of the public and agitation amongst his supporters. Therefore the PF would do well to produce the President in the shortest possible time. I would love to wish the PF all the best in the best in the upcoming By elections slated for the 11th of this month and only hoping that my advice will fall on listening ears.

Patriotic Zambian.

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