Tourism ministry selling hippos secretly

Tourism ministry selling  hippos secretly


Dear editor,
Expose this, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife is selling Hippos. Chitotela doesn’t mean well to this country.

Is a danger to national development.

As the document below shows, the ministry has authorised the sale of these hippos.

The hippos are being sold to trophy safari firms in South Africa.

In 2016, the Zambian government outraged the world when it announced that it will let trophy hunters kill 2,000 hippos over a five-year span.

The project was abandoned after local and international condemnation and outcry.

A few months ago the Zambian government again tried to allow trophy hunters to kill the hippos at a fee. The Zambian government claims that slaughtering hippos is a wildlife management tool, to control the huge numbers of hippos in the country. But after failing to produce evidence of overpopulation, government reversed the killing of hippos again. Or did they really reverse?

Apparently they did not. The killing of hippos is now done quietly as the authorisation document below shows.

Animal rights activists state that for about $18,000 hunters are allowed to kill five of the beloved animals.

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    Ubomba mwibala, alya mwibala. Pf has damaged the economy. A Pathetic Frog continues to eat till the stomach ruptures,

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    Phiri 2 weeks ago

    one Zambia one national is not like favoring cadas or relatives in high positions, at last instead of doing their jobs thy involving themselves in stealing animals

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Chitotela go and rest before time catches with you.

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    No smoke without fire. Uyuwine chikala chitotela nish teti atafishiwe