Most Govt departments not funded for three months

Most government departments including the Bursaries Committee have not been funded for several months, a Cabinet Source has disclosed. Reacting to a Zambian Watchdog story published on 23/03/14 in which some concerned citizen alleged corruption at the Bursaries Committee, the Cabinet source said the Bursaries Committee has had serious challenges owing to under funding or no funding at all.
“I feel pity for the people at Bursaries Committee. Yes like any other institution there may be some traces of corruption but to tell you the truth, it is the issue of funding. I think they have not been adequately funded by the treasury for close to three months now. I really sympathise with them” the source said.
The source said apart from the Bursaries Committee, several other government departments have not been funded. The source said even civil servants who have been recruited in new districts have not been put on pay roll.
“This is not MMD which had big brains as far as economic management is concerned. This one is another. There is just no planning in this government. Very soon you may even witness problems in acquisition of Passports and National Registration Cards because it will be a challenge even to buy materials for passport and NRC issuance the source said” the source said.

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