Sex and beer for Christmas

By Antonio Mwanza

Christmas, a day which supposedly should be used to commemorate the birth of Christ with sanctity and spiritual sobriety has been has been turned into a day when many, young and old go on rampage drinking and enjoying illicit SEX.
On Christmas Evil, oh sorry Christmas eve many people soak themselves in alcohol and ubuchende/vigololo/ichilalelale. People drink, smoke, eat and get eaten. It’s pure Sodom and Gamorah. Just take a walk or drive to any bar or night club on Christmas Evil oh pardon me Christmas Eve you will find these places packed to the rafters, with everyone from the DJ to the club owner blazed with alcohol.
But why has Christmas a supposedly “Holy” day been commercialised and turned into a day of sin? Can this moral decadent be associated with its seemingly circular origin?

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