Sexual immorality with Kambwili, incompetency charges follow DEC boss

Sexual immorality with Kambwili, incompetency charges follow DEC boss

Morale has ebbed further among officers in the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) after director-general Alita Mbawhe reinstated officers who were fired for various offences such as stealing cocaine exhibits.

And officers in DEC have accused their boss Mbawhe of spending most of her time having sex with Minister of Sport Chishimba Kambwili instead of attending to duty.

Apart from her personal moral issues, which has left officers demoralised, Mbawhe has reduced the once hardcore drug buster to a spy wing for State House.

Officers revealed that Mbawhe and Chishimba Kambwili meet for sex at Pamozi Hotel at least twice a week.

Mbawhe is not married and has no children. Kambwili’s wife lives and works in the United Kingdom as a nurse.

But what is annoying officers is the incompetency of their boss and the fact that she has diverted the commission from its core business of fighting drug trafficking and money laundering to a spy wing of the government.

Officers complain that corruption and indiscipline reign supreme at the commission.

Before she took over, some officers at DEC were suspended for corrupt activities.  But Mbawhe has decided to reinstate the culprits.

One of the officers who were suspended for corruption but brought back is Kabesha Mazambi, a DEC prosecutor. He stole three sachets of cocaine, which were kept for exhibit in court. He is said to have received huge sums of money from the suspect.

Chimwemwe Silomba, the young brother to DEC spokesperson was also suspended for destroying evidence after receiving a monetary bribe from a suspect.

Johns Siasamba was suspended for mounting an illegal operation to raise money for his wedding.

Apart from bringing back the corrupt officers, she has promoted her younger brother Anderson Mbawhe Anderson Mbawhe

to the position of Assistant Commissioner in charge of intelligence.

In effect, this means her younger brother is number two in the DEC hierarchy.

As if that was not bad enough, a few weeks ago she promoted Kapisha Jere, the younger brother to Deputy Inspector-General of police Solomon Jere.

Kapisha was until this time working as junior officer in Northern province but now he is in charge of Southern province.

Kapisha Jere’s promotion was procured by his elder brother who phoned Mbawhe.

In disgust, some officers have opted to resign and work for more professional organisations.

One officer said DEC is no longer the DEC of the times of Mukutulu Sinyani when even Nigerians feared to do drug trafficking in Zambia.

The officer said DEC is now a moneymaking and laundering venture for officers.

‘Do you hear of DEC arresting serious drug dealers nowadays; or you think drug dealers have stopped operating in Zambia’, asked one officer.

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