Sexy Malcolm Moffat Principal, PEO now wage war against lecturers

Sexy Malcolm Moffat Principal, PEO now wage war against lecturers

Central province education officer Jenniffer Chishimba Banda and the sexy Malcolm Moffat Teachers college principal Maxwell Sikwela have now waged war against some lecturers they suspect to have leaked the scam to the Watchdog.

Chishimba Banda, who is one of the ladies in the sex web with the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) owned Malcolm Moffat Principal directed Sikwela to convene a staff meeting specifically to warn the suspected sources of stern disciplinary action. During the meeting, Sikwela is reported to have said that state security has been informed to begin tracking down the suspects.

Early this week we wrote about Sikwela’s multiple sexual activities with students, some of whom are married. The students who refuse to Sikwela’s advances have been threatened with ‘unspecified’ action which according to some text messages we extracted from his phone include making them fail.

One of the text messages to a named student whose identity we will for now withhold reads “I have the ability to make you clear your courses and also to have you posted to a school of your choice, just by the use of my pen”.

ChiloloIn the meantime, here is Eneless Chilolo, the school chaplain he got from Chipembi. Though this lady goes by the title Reverend, she is infact having sexual intercourse with the married Sikwela. They have been having their outings mostly at a named lodge in Mkushi. Out of rage, PEO Chishimba Banda once almost transferred her from Malcolm Moffat.

Their affair started when she was pursuing her studies at a private university and as soon as she completed, Sikwela initiated her movement to the college.

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