‘Sexy’ nurses worry minister

DEPUTY Minister of Health Patrick Chikusu says Government, in general, and himself, in particular, are concerned about some female nurses who are in the habit of wearing what he described as ‘skimpy’ uniforms on duty.

Dr Chikusu feels the length or lack of length in nurses’ uniforms can have serious ramifications on patients’ recovery, who are exposed to hypertension.

Dr Chikusu also said the Patriotic Front (PF) government has “prioritised” delivery of quality health services because good health is a pre-requisite to national development.

He observed that nurses are normally given uniforms that are long enough and go below their knees but it appears from his investigations that they deliberately adjust the uniforms so that they reach just above their knees.

The deputy minister made these salient observations when he addressed health workers in Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Mkushi, Serenje and Chitambo recently, adding that nursing is a noble career which calls for exemplary behaviour and not skimpy dressing.

“The way female nurses sometimes dress is a source of concern,” Dr Chikusu said. “You find that the uniform is well below the knees, but they adjust them so that they are above their knees.”

Dr Chikusu added that “it doesn’t augur well [to wear short uniforms]…you can cause hypertension in a patient”.
He said female nurses should wear “appropriate” uniforms.

He said medical doctors, clinical officers, nurses and pharmacists should dress decently and lead exemplary lives while on duty and away from duty because of their noble calling.

Dr Chikusu said nurses are expected to be loving, kind, cheerful, polite and patient.

“It is important that you exhibit high levels of professionalism,” he said.

This is the second time a top government official is expressing concern about morality in the country after Information and Broadcasting Minister Kennedy Sakeni recently complained about explicit pictures in local media entertainment pages that have been condemned even by the church.

He also said Government will not condone the culture by some health workers of reporting late for work, long phone conversations on duty and mistreating patients.

And Dr Chikusu has said Government has prioritised quality health service delivery because good health is a pre-requisite to national development.

Dr Chikusu said people in the country should have access to essential, effective and efficient health care services.

“We want quality service delivery in the provision of health care services to the people,” he said.

Dr Chikusu also warned health personnel against stealing drugs from hospitals and clinics because the culprits will be severely dealt with once caught.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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