Shakafuswa family should stop exploiting Lungu’s alcohol problems

Shakafuswa family should stop exploiting Lungu’s alcohol problems


To be honest , I think the SHAKAFUSWAS are over doing it , this family is abusing President Edger Lungu. This family should not take advantage of this Man’s ever compromised state to line themselves up , this is a Head Of State for heavens sake. PF has been with Lungu but we have not seen the abuse he has suffered from the time the Shakafuswas joined PF. The fact that Jonas Shakafuswa is a drinking mate for Lungu shouldn’t mean that any Shakafuswa can wake up from a beer-hole go and hag him for photos to flood Social Media. This man need to work for the country instead making merry and lining up photo sessions .

The other day it was Senior Shakafuswa himself who went to pose for photos with Lungu with an unbuttoned shirt while the Man himself Lungu looked unminded ..This is a bad way of portraying the Head of State to the outside World. We have had Presidents before , Micheal Sata himself was a very jovial Man naturally , RB himself and off course Levy , if it’s FTJ don’t mention , but certainly a Head of State doesn’t necessarily need to turn himself into robot or monument of some kind that anybody can wake up from some sheeben and because he or she has a car or connection it’s to go for photos.

We know President Lungu is not a busy man , His official action trays are never acted upon either because mostly they are beyond his understanding or simply because he has no interest , but this is not a passport to be exposing him to the public like that , the man does nothing apart from entertaining families of his mates in State House.

We call upon President Lungu’s handlers to take keen interest in what the Shakafuswas are taking the Republican President for , this family is turning this office’s occupant into an object of public show off . The timing of taking photos with the President must be moderated by Amos Chanda, some photos are embarrassing the Office .

For example Jonas once took photos of his grandson with the President at Heroes Stadium , he uploaded the photos without checking whether they will be free from causing controversy. But the showed the tables with glasses that looked like wines , when in fact it was juicy (well atleast from what was reported ) .But a professional cameraman could not have taken photos of the Head of State in a situation that cause controversy.

In the above photo of Lungu and Jonas Shakafuswa’s daughter clearly shows the President struggling to see words in the Newspaper for the reason best known to himself and the Shakafuswas but your guess is as good as mine .

But a professional camera man could not have taken a photo of the President in that condition , but hey , what do you expect from an excited small girl, she had it taken and uploaded to Socio Media so that she can show off that , they play around with Presidents to their mates on Socio Media. But is this what Zambians want to see ?

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