Shakafuswa maintains PF is ‘Chimbwi no plan government’

UPND Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa who was recently sent out of parliament by Speaker Patrick Matibini for calling the PF government as clueless has maintained his remarks and challenged government to show what they have achieved in the over two years in office.

The vibrant UPND legislator said he does not regret the remark as it was a true reflection of President Sata’s failed government and explained that he was prompted to make the remark because the PF MPs who Sata himself called useless were just making noise in parliament instead of addressing issues about the constitution raised by opposition MPs and other citizens outside parliament. ‘Chimbwi no plan which means clueless hyena’ is a Bemba idiom used to refer to an undecided human being and is widely used in teachings.

Shakafuswa, who overwhelmingly defeated six other candidates in the 25th February Katuba by election has caused panic among PF MPs, during his maiden speech he reportedly attacked the PF tribalism and warned PF not to believe that Zambia belonged to one tribe.

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