Shakafuswa to face arrest on Monday, says he is ready

Shakafuswa to face arrest on Monday, says he is ready

Police are scheming to arrest UPND Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa when he reports to Central province police headquarters on Monday on allegations of a shooting incident that took place in the recently held by election where he emerged winner.

Police sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the Division Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) of central province, a Mr. Moola was summoned to police headquarters on Friday where he was given instructions to establish charges on which to lock up Shakafuswa as a way of intimidating and embarrassing him.

The source said the PF government has particularly been upset with Shakafuswa’s victory and may even go as far as nullifying the seat like what they did to MMD’s Lucky Mulusa because of Shakafuswa’s fearless talk.

“You know just the time Hon. Shakas entered parliament he made bruises on the PF and it seems he has continued to cause havoc, so there is a scheme first to establish a case against him so that a nullification can come in like it was with Mulusa. They would rather Shakas is outside parliament even if Katuba doesn’t have an MP, but we expect a very big showdown on this one,’ said the source.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the ZambianWatchdog, Mr. Shakafuswa said he is not scared to appear before the police. ” I’m not scared. This is what happened. During the Katuba by-elections, we received intelligence information that there was a Toyota Chaser with five people on board and they used to raise a UPND Symbol and whoever responded with the UPND symbol, they beat him or her up.

photo0085‘We shared this intelligence with the Police through IG Stella Libongani who gave me a contact number for Mr. Standwell Lungu the Commissioner of Police for Central province. I was already at a Police post with Superintendent Mwewa.

‘The violence was in Muchenje area. You guys the Watchdog reported about this. So after discovering that the PF thugs wanted to create an artificial apathy, I went there to disperse the thugs so that people can vote freely. Actually I should be thanked by the Electoral Commission of Zambia for helping them,’ said Shakafuswa.

‘As for Mr. Lungu who’s division has summoned me, I have no ill feelings. He tried his best to stop the PF cadres during the by-elections,’ said Shakafuswa.

And Mr Shakafuswa has wondered what has happened to the case involving the five cadres who were in the Chaser Vehicle because a docket was opened at Kabangwe Police Post.

“By the way a docket was opened at Kabangwe against the five who where in the Chaser. Instead of summoning them, they are summoning me,” he said.

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