Shakafuswa! What a Sigh of Relief, Finally!

I’m a Katuba resident, born and bred. I’m not an immigrant like these others. My blood line is from the Chieftainess herself. I’m a actually a potential Chief in Mungule.

I must confess that God has finally answered our prayers by the ‘demise’ of the Shakafuswa name in UPND and particularly in Katuba.
Editor, we’ve had problems working with this man from the word go! When late MP, Hon. Chikusu was around, we found it easy working with him despite him belonging to MMD. We had a a lot of consultative meetings with Hon. Chikusu at Kayosha Primary School, Kapila Basic and at the palace. The constituency was on the right path, I must confess. I personally could summon Chikusu for a meeting, and believe you me he would drive here even at night and we would iron out issues that affected this constituency in not time. In all this Chikusu knew we were UPND but he accomodated us.
Then came Shakafuswa!
‎The night that Jonas was declared winner of the seat, I led a team of our members that very night to toast with him at his Kraal because that’s where he was waiting for the results from. He wasn’t even at the totalling centre. We had planted youths everywhere to protect the vote and they worked so well. Believe you me, I regretted that very night having been used by this thug! He chased us like dogs from his place and would not even allow us to sit. Among the people he chased were even the youths who kept vigil of the vote to stop rigging and these boys were just patriotic UPND members whom we didn’t pay nothing for their services.
Jonas said Shakas was not a UPND secretariat but a business place. He said if we wanted to celebrate we should have gone to the secretariat or better still, he would come round thanking us for the support. To this very day, Jonas has never come back to thank us, even ‎those consultative meetings we used to have with the late died immediately after Shakafuswa came on board.
What am I saying?
‎Big Moze was going to give us a good run in Katuba had PF adopted him, at least he’s not a thug and he’s helpful. But still UPND would win. ‎With the exit of Shakafuswa, we don’t need to campaign anymore in Katuba – it’s a done deal! All we need to do is go round informing people that Jonas is no longer with us, we now have a good candidate you have long waited for. In the bye election, we spent more time explaining to the people that Shakafuswa had changed than anything else. We campaigned less and apologized more for his actions in the constituency. The only vote Shakafuswa has gone with from UPND in Katuba is that of Florence, his wife. The rest remain intact!
Mweende kabotu taa, Shakafuswa! Mungule teshi yabanyoko! Ayo makani uli eshi maningi. Temukaibone vote!

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