Shakafuswa’s brother confirms threats and insults

imageEphraim, the brother to Murderers MP Jonas Shakafuswa has confirmed that his killer brother threatened a UNPD member Clance Zulu .

Ephraim, a well known Internet and phone hacker, has also revealed that his murderous brother also phoned and threatened former journalism lecturer Clayson Hamasaka.

Ephraim also claims he is a member of a UPND team that was created to make Zambia ungovernable. He libellously mentions Emmanuel Chikekwa, Hamasaka and others as members of the team and says he has reported the team to the police.

Ephraim was trying to water down ZWD revelations that his brother threatened Zulu and insulted UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

As for Shakafuswa’ s threatening phone call to Hamasaka, we heard it from Ephraim and tried to contact Hamasaka to confirm but couldn’t get through to him.

The ZWD is considering declassifying and publishing the emails Ephraim has been sending insulting Edgar Lungu and late president Michael Sata but which we could not publish because they are in bad taste just like the insults his brother was unleashing yesterday.

We also feel sorry for Ephraim as he is in a very precarious position, after all the things he has told us about his brother.

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