Shalom buses charging travellers for Covid certificates

Hello watchdog kindly please help me expose Shalom bus services. I bought a ticket on the 11th of November to travel to Johannesburg and I was told that they had about 20 something seats remaining so I will be informed as to when the date of travel will be.
They took me through the travel requirements to South Africa and I was then told by the man at the ticket office by intercity that they can arrange a covid certificate for me at a fee which I declined because I can do it free of charge at UTH.
To my surprise, I learnt through their facebook page on the 21st of November that the bus had departed on the 20th of November and I was never informed of this like they had promised. I then called the phone number which appears on their adverts and I was informed by a very rude sales agent that I will be informed when my time comes and he cut the line even before I could ask any questions. I then decided to visit their intercity office on Monday 23rd November where I was told that the next bus will be heading to Johannesburg soon, but I was surprised when I was told that I need to pay a K1,000 to them for the covid test.
Now what surprises me is since when did Shalom bus services become a clinic authorised to conduct covid tests? The guys are trying to exploit us simply because they are the only bus company operating between Lusaka and Johannesburg and they knew those of us that cant afford to fly have no other option. I bought my ticket at K1,000 and they again want to extort another K1,000 for a fake covid certificate.
Please Watchdog help us expose these people.

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