Shame on Us Zambians

 By Alfred Nkhoma
I write this article in the middle of the night and I have literally jumped out of bed to write it. I have a sudden burst of anger and shame that’s slowly overwhelming me. The question I ask myself is – is this what its come to now. A few people are so selfish that they will not stop at anything to destroy our young and flourishing democracy.
I realise that I am not actually that mad at the PF and the job seekers that have joined up with them. I am more mad at US the Zambian people for letting this happen. I am more mad at me for doing nothing. Even writing this article has to be done with a pseudo name. Really,  Zambia has sunk so low.  Just in case people are not following my argument take a look at some of the stories making heardlines
–       Malupenga , new chairman for Imformation For All Program (IFAd) in his first speech ask ZICTA to come up with legislation to make internet use less private . but he calls it dealing with internet misuse
–       Sakeni , GBM and shamenda all contradict themselves over UPND rally
–       UPND rally stopped by police – who should have been in Ndola
–       PF cadres given pangas to stop UPND rally – what we are in Zimbabwe now. Someone actually made a decision to send cadres to disrupt a rally in that manner. How do these guys sleep.
–       Sata says letter by Tongas under oath written in Lusaka – and no one is punished for utter stupidity and alarming the nation
The list is too long , my question is what are you doing as a Zambian. If you are happy with things as they are then I ask nothing of you but my guess is that the majority are getting tired of this nonsense. We are just scared that we cannot do anything. Or can we?
For starters we can do what we know how to do best. Who will honk with me every Friday 13hrs for democracy?  Lets honk until the police hierarchy is replaced and made to answer for the unjustified beatings we have seen on the street of Lusaka. Lets honk until we can freely demonstrate peacefully without fear of the police. In Zambia we are supposed to demonstrate freely for any reason. If I want to demonstrate for freedom to import chickens, the police have no right to stop me. People will judge me for the useless demo I am holding but its not for the police to use their wisdom or luck of, to decide whether I can go ahead or not.
Lastly, I would like to ask. If the politicians can freely ignore the current constitution which guarantees freedom of expression, the right to assembly, the right to privacy etc why are we spending all this money we are spending on a new constitution which will be ignored anyway.  Food for thought.

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