SHAMELESS: Broke PF demands campaign money from workers

The UPND in Northern Province has condemned PF cadres in Kasama for ordering civil servants to pay K500 each towards campaign funds for 2016 general elections.

The PF cadres clad in party regalia are going round in different government offices soliciting for campaign funds.

The shameless cadres are busy threatening workers with dismissal if they don’t part away with cash for their selfish gain.

But UPND Provincial Chairman Nathan Ilunga questioned whether it is now government policy for civil servants to start subsidizing PF and its minions.

The opposition party also condemned the abuse of government vehicles and fuel by PF members who are seen being driven around Kasama town during the day and night.

The UPND is further shocked that authorities at Provincial Administration are freely giving out government transport to be used for PF activities contrary to set guidelines in the public service.

And some workers in the ‘broke’ government say they are being forced contribute money so that PF can hold a fundraising dinner on Saturday.

The workers have vowed not to pay anything to PF because the ruling party is focused on milking their hard earned income.


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