‘Shamenda is corrupt’

Dear Editor,

Am a PF supporter, am not afraid to declare that i voted for PF, and i since have had a changed heart. 

I writting to you not out of malice but helping bring out the truth about how Mr Shamenda is corrupt period. Am one of the many victims of corruption of Mr Shamenda. 
Me and my workmates had labour complaints at our place of work and we took our complaints( wages and general working conditions) to the labour office here in lusaka. After the report, the case seemed active, labour inspectors came to our place of work and established the facts after meeting us workers and our bosses. Ours bosses were thereof given conditions and orders to meet, we waited for the set working conditions to be met but nothing came through. Then we made several follow ups to no avail, so we pressured the labour inspectors who strangely told us that our case files were in the office of minister of labour. Further the labour inspectors advised us that the case at that point was beyond them, that if we wanted anything done, we needed to go to the labour minister himself. Likewise we decided to go and meet the labour minister,but shockily he had our names and strongly warned us with dismisal if we dont drop our quest. Back at work, our managing director knew all about our every trips and presentation to the labour office. To date we are hopelessly stuck with the same wages and working conditions for the last 3yrs!!! We then later learnt that our Managing director (a south african national) had several private meetings with Mr Shamenda at pamodzi hotel.
So the issue of dangote is not an insolated case of Mr Shamenda privately meeting human resources managers and company bosses in hotels. Bottomline here is that Mr Shamenda was conned, was not given the amount he wanted, hence his going to the press in angry. There are alot of labour issues in Zambia which need attention, yet Mr Shamenda chooses to ingore them like minimum wage isssue which he pends because he is recieving bribes from employers, there are alot more of examples which clearily shows Shamenda`s corrupt hand like the shoprite issue which remain unsolved, pick and pay, MTN,,, the poor working conditions of workers in hotel in livingstone etc
And just to add on, the lady from Game store wouldnt have been heard by Mr Shamenda, thank God she exposed her case in the media you the watchdog
Please DONT hide my ID, i want to help the minister see my name and remember our case

Labour issues will cost PF votes if PF is truely pro poor as they claim

Mulenga Mwape

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