Shamenda, Sakeni grab Palabana land as Katele threatens shamenda

Shamenda, Sakeni grab Palabana land as Katele threatens shamenda




A new scam in which PF Ministers continue to enrich themselves has been unearthed in Palabana where President Sata recently launched the Pabana dairy based University. The prime land which surrounds Palabana, which is state land, has been shared amongst Ministers led by Fuckson Shamenda and Kennedy Sakeni. A number of party officials have been seen in the area over the last few months “patrolling” pointing at huge expands of land. Surveyors have later been seen in the areas and when confronted have said they have special instructions. This situation is being facilitated by Ministry of Lands through a fast track process that will see Palabana loose the much needed land for such a University. In the meantime Palabana has been advised to look for more land elsewhere where the students can be having practicals, a situation that does not make sense. Such a situation once happened to NRDC where the land for practicals was grabbed and now NRDC had to look for land in far of Chongwe. This is believed to have happened at the time the PF turncoats where in MMD including the president who happens to have appetite for land. A long list of land, houses and buildings that belong to the President (which he has acquired over the years) has been prepared possibly by state operatives  .

The Palabana scam has not been received well because most residents in the area and members of staff thought the project was for the interest of Zambians. Alas some of them have been in Palabana and for so many years have not benefitted but the Ministers are claiming they have blessings from above. So far an appeal to the President has not been attended to and this has infuriated people in the area who are now accusing the President of knowing what is happening but turning a blind eye to it.

In a related but unforeseen twist to events, Fuckson Shamenda who has allocated himself huge tracks of land attempted to also get another juicy piece of land which apparently belongs to former Finance Minister and convicted felon (but on appeal) Katele Kalumba. However the attempt was leaked to Katele by loyalist in the area who upon getting this story personally phoned Shamenda to warn him saying he should not dare touch his land or else…saying “You are my brother…” Scared stiff, Fuckson panicked like a little child but due to the appetite for the land is still making underhand maneuvers. He seems to have taken the friendly but firm advice from the former Minister but his next move is about to be exposed also. The reasons are not so clear why Fuckson panicked to a point of asking whether he is safe and what might happen to him. It is rumored he may have unreservedly apologized but still keeping cards close to his chest on how he can outplay the famous Katele. He has been advised to stay away from Katele’s land.

Meanwhile a dossier on all would be beneficiaries to block the move and at worst case scenario whoever benefits from the land including Ministry of Lands officials may certainly face lengthy jail terms. More information will be released soon.

The Zambian Correspondent

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