Shamenda says nurses are indisciplined, dance like prostitutes

Labour minister Fackson Shamenda has accused former President Rupiah Banda of creating the ‘mess’ in the civil service and says nurses were dancing like prostitutes during their recent strike which led to government dismissing most of them and leaving vital hospital departments like theatres shut.

In a scathing attack in response to Banda’s counsel to President Sata to dialogue with the nurses, instead of firing them Shamenda said the problems being faced by the PF were created by the MMD government. He also bragged that the PF did not mind losing popularity and was not a populist party.

“While we are trying to clean up the mess which they (MMD) left, let them leave us alone; let them leave the innocent nurses who were misled alone and unfortunately they became so arrogant and became indisciplined and we cannot continue with the indiscipline. It is a noble profession of nurses who must behave like nurses not dancing like prostitutes,” PF propagandist newspaper The Post quotes  Shamenda who of late has been struggling to emulate dictator Michael Sata’s vulgar language.

Earlier, at the height of their strike, Sata likened the nurses to garden boys and house girls who should not command the master (government) on wages and conditions of service. Sata’s comments offended the nurses who then resolved not to call off the strike and their eventual dismissal.

A Watchdog investigation has revealed that management has closed the main theatre at University Teaching Hospital (UTH), the country’s highest referral hospital due to inadequate manpower caused by the nurses’ dismissal.

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