Shamenda takes people opposing minimum wage to police

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says he has reported some people to the police for opposing the PF imposition of the minimum wage.

Shamenda was quoted by government controlled ZNBC Wednesday morning saying that the police will soon start visiting the people whose names have been forwarded.

Shamenda did not mention who is on the list of people he has given the police.

He just said  he has given the police names of people opposing the minimum wage. Hed said that his taking the matter to the police is not political intimidation.

Hundreds of low income workers have so far lost jobs from the time government imposed the minimum wage and the price of bread has increased and bus fares in Lusaka increased to meet the new costs associated with the requirement.

A cross section of people have condemned the imposition of the minimum wage saying it was not done properly but improptly and in a chaotic manner.

The government’s first response to people’s concerns was that those who can not afford to pay the minimum wage should not employ domestic workers or shop assistants.

The government is now arresting people with divergent views on the minimum wage.



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