Shangombo residents resort to cooking raw mangoes as mealie meal hit K130

Residents in Shagombo district of Western province have resorted to cooking raw mangoes and mix with sour milk as the price of mealie meal has hit more than K130 per 25 kg bag.

Some residents spoken to said mealie meal prices were far beyond their reach and have now peeling raw mangoes, crush and later cook and mix with sour milk for survival.

This comes at a time the PF government has been singing bumper maize harvest for this farming season.

But in a typical ‘donchi kubaba’ style PF leaders are not telling Zambians is that the announced maize tonnage for this year was based on post-harvest figures.

The actually figures after farmers harvested are not yet released and these will show a drastic reduction because most of the crop got damaged due to poor rain season sometime in February.

Shangombo is one of the remotest parts of Zambia, and the only way the MP can take food to the constituency now is for him to temporarily resign, go for a by-elections, and the PF will suddenly find money to feed the hungry villagers at least during the campaign period.

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