Shawi Fawaz’ hooligans beat up MMD campaigners in Mufumbwe

Shawi Fawaz’ hooligans beat up MMD campaigners in Mufumbwe

Shawi Fawaz hiding in dark glasses

Kitwe based jerabo (jail bird) Shawi Fawaz has hired a mob of hooligans to terrorise the opposition MMD in the on-going bye-election campaigns in Mufumbwe.

Yesterday (Sunday) a combined team of Fawaz’s hooligans and PF thugs beat up MMD campaigners in Kalengwa ward in Mufumbwe.

Fawaz is based in Kitwe but runs Kalengwa mine in Mufumbwe area under the brand name Hetro.

The MMD campaign team led by their Northwestern provincial secretary had gone round Kalengwa area to campaign when they were attacked by Fawaz’s hooligans led by one of Fawaz’ handymen only identified as Amadu.

The MMD campaign team was beaten up and the provincial secretary’s party shirt torn.

Other MMD campainers were assaulted and verbally abused by Fawaz’s men working together with PF cadres.

After the hooligans left, the MMD campaigners reported the matter to Mufumbwe police who just advised them to obtain medical reports

A police officer on duty told the MMD team that there was nothing the police could do about the matter.

Shawi Fawaz is Zambian born businessman of Lebanese extraction.

He is a jailbird who at the age of 41, has been in and out of jail from 2002.

At one time he was deported from Zambia due to his criminal activities but the court allowed him back in the country after he successfully argued that he was Zambian by birth.

In 2006, Fawaz was arrested and jointly charged with Kelvin Katambika for aggravated robbery of a BMW X5 then valued at K300 million, belonging to Henry Kapoko.

In other cases he was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and conspiracy to murder.

Currently, he is involved in a war with Euro Africa over the Kalengwa mine in Mufumbwe.

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