She denies me sex, hates my mother

Hi,pliz hide my Id.

I am a Zambian male aged 33,married with two children boy and girl.I am in an awkward situation and need help from members of the public.I got married 6 years ago and I remember during our wedding procession erupted some tension and to my surprise my mother was in the midst talking on top of her voice, it seemed she was provoked by family members of my wife to be then.I quickly sent some people to calm the situation as it attracted everyone’s attention.At last all was well but I was disappointed and so was my wife to be that she cried the whole time of the ceremony.

After the whole thing,I tried to find out what happened and my mother explained the whole thing to me of which it was some unimportant issue.My mother apologised for causing tension as it was not her wish to see things turn that way.I then organised a meeting for both families to reconcile what had happened but my wife’s family never attended.Now the first problem is that from that time to date my wife has never forgiven my mother even after her apologising.

She accuses my family of not wanting her even when my mother trying her best to put things in order and this is a pain to my chest.Over the years we have been together I have tried to reconcile her with my family but it proves void.My family can’t even visit me because of her as she has given them a (get out) kind of an attitude.I have done so many things to bring the situation to normal because I love her and believes she will change.Now which man can toralet a wife for the sake of love to that extent.I know maybe others would say (anamudyesa) just like my other family members say but it’s not that way because am able to see all these wrongs.My other family members as well as my mother are also patient with her as I assured them that she will change with time but slowly am getting fade up and the love is also fading as I can not continue bearing the pain of loving someone who can not forgive my own mother.

Second problem,my wife denies me sex and I have also tried all soughts of things as in(solutions) as she told me she had sex disorder soon after we got married.We have gone as far as seeing a doctor and confirmed that she is ok, buying all soughts of medicine which I recently discovered she never takes,even having these kids make me wonder (who knows the father)because we rarely meet in bed,I have to force her of which you know it’s the waste thing a married man can do and then what is marriage if you can’t sleep with your wife?I have involved elders in all these things to avoid wrong decisions and they tell me to give it sometime but for me am more than 100% ready to file for divorce as I can no more wait forever for someone to change because in the end am the one who is going to change and become like her.please I need your fair say in the matter.

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