Shibuyunji police shielding wife killer because he is albino, partner in crime

Dear Editor,
Through your publication, The Zambian Watchdog, we want to appeal to the Inspector General of Police Madam Stella Libongani to send competent police officers from Lusaka to come to Shibuyunji area and investigate a matter in which Brian Mwanakanyemba is alleged to have murdered his wife.
It appears police officers from Shibuyunji are shielding Mwanakanyemba from prosecution because they have a lot in common. Mwanakanyemba is believed to have killed his wife sometime this year and since then, Shibuyunji police officers have been giving all sorts of lame excuses for not prosecuting him such as the following:
a. Brian Mwanakanyemba, being an albino is exempted from the realm of the law and is therefore immune from prosecution. This is argument does not exist in our laws and gives Brian Mwanakanyemba a licence to commit crimes and go scot-free using his fake status.
b. He was even given a fake police bond and told to be reporting to police every Friday which he doesn’t even do and it is a well known fact that police just want people to slowly forget about the whole issue with the passage of time. In any case, does the law allow the police to issue a police bond in a case of murder? Are albinos above the law?
c. Police are also claiming that documents pertaining to Brian Mwanakanyemba’s case have gone missing, which shows a lack of seriousness on their part.
As earlier stated, Brian Mwanakanyemba, who is an albino, allegedly murdered his wife early this year but Shibuyunji police did not act until police from Lusaka moved in and arrested him. Mwanakanyemba was handed over to Shibuyunji police for prosecution but no progress has been made due to the following reasons:
1. The Office-in-Charge, Mr. Moono is keeping his cattle in Mwanakanyemba village and the animals are being looked after by people of this same Mwanakanyemba village.
The implication therefore is that if Brian Mwanakanyemba is arrested, there will be no one to take care of the Officer-In-Charge Mr. Moono’s cattle. So, given this scenario, Mr. Moono would rather do anything in his power to circumvent the justice system and prevent Brian Mwanakanyemba or indeed anyone from Mwanakanyemba village from possible prosecution, fearing that his cattle will be removed from this village. But the question that begs an answer is: is the security of the people of Shibuyunji area going to be sacrificed because Mr. Moono wants to keep his cattle with an alleged murderer?
Also, is the innocent life of the dead woman going to die a natural death because Mr. Moono wants to keep his cattle with these criminals? In fact, some of these cattle are bribes received from the Mwanakanyemba family to shield them from possible prosecution as they have been committing several cases of murder.
In 2010, Macford Mwanakanyemba and his brothers in this village did murder Morgan Chibelenga. This offence of murder was committed right in Mwanakanyemba village and it is a well known fact that Mr. Moono and his colleagues were very much aware of this heinous act but did nothing to arrest these criminals.
It is police officers from Lusaka who managed to apprehend Macford Mwanakanyemba, whilst his young brothers escaped into hiding. As far as Shibuyunji police were concerned, Macford Mwanakanyemba never committed any crime but to officers from Lusaka, he did. He was brought before a court of law which found him guilty and was subsequently sentenced to 25 years in prison. Surprisingly, officers at Shibuyunji police in particular, the Office-in-Charge Mr. Moono and CIO Konga were in the forefront of giving Macford Mwanakanyemba and his young brothers tactics on how to elude the police dragnet and only managed to apprehend him after hiding the game plan to them. Even at the time Macford was arrested, Konga was busy telling him not to go to Lusaka Central Police because he would be arrested and for sure, after Macford defied CIO Konga’s instructions, he was arrested by police in Lusaka.
2. There are several criminal cases being committed by these Mwanakanyemba criminals but they are left scot-free as they have bought their freedom from the Officer-in-Charge Mr. Moono and CIO Konga. In fact, for CIO Konga, he is in the habit of using evidence to squeeze bribes out of criminals.
3. The Office-in-Charge, Mr. Moono is conducting farming activities in Mwanakanyemba village so he has to protect them for him to continue farming there.
As residents of Shibuyunji, we are appealing to you, the Inspector General of Police Madam Stella Libongani to send competent police officers from Lusaka to investigate this case of alleged murder.
Further madam Libongani, send us a competent Officer-in-Charge and CIO in Shibuyunji to man the area and not these two who have formed a partnership with these criminals to terrorise the area. Our cattle are being stolen rampantly and the perpetrators are giving these guys bribes in form of money as well as cattle to them go scot-free.
Finally, we urge the women lobby movement in the country to take up this matter seriously and ensure that Brian Mwanakanyemba is prosecuted for killing this innocent young woman. She was entitled to life and someone can’t just end her life like that and go scot free.
We shall follow this case with keen interest to ensure that justice is done.
Concerned Shibuyunji residents

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