Shikapwahsa, PAZA differ on media regulation

The Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) says there is no need for government to introduce statutory regulation of the media.

Speaking this morning at Mulungushi international Conference centre during a one day media workshop on self regulation, PAZA President Andrew Sakala says in as much as it is not in dispute that there is need for media regulation, statutory regulation should not be the option.

Mr. Sakala noted that there are already enough existing statutes in the Zambian law books that can deal with erring journalists.

But officiating at the workshop Information and Broadcasting services Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha maintained that government will introduce statutory media regulation if the media fails to come up with a self regulatory framework within the six months ultimatum given.

 Lt Gen. Shikapwasha said the ultimatum remains in enforce and will be implemented if the media fails to regulate itself.

He said government has never had ill intentions against the media but that law and order should prevail. He also called on media bodies to deal with masquerader journalists who are denting the image of the profession.

And  Shikapwasha said media practitioners should conduct interviews that promote development, and not insults and hatred.


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