Shikapwasha says Radio Sky FM can cause genocide


Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwahas has asked Radio Sky FM to control the content of its programmes.
General Shikapwahsa was quoted by radio phoenix saying that Sky FM can cause the type of genocide experienced in Rwanda.
He challenged the Radio station based in Monze to state whether it is campaigning for the opposition.
He said that the radio station was using a good governance programme to insult president Rupiah Banda.
He said it was unacceptable for the radio station to use the programme to insult government leaders.
According to Gen. Shikapwasha, the MMD has developed the country including Southern province which he said the opposition controls. He accused the radio station of ignoring the developmental project to concentrate on insulting president Banda.

He said the moderator of the governance programme should control the contributors and remove insults which he said he listens to every morning.
Sky FM radio based in Monze runs a programme on good governance called Sky Forum which is sponsored by the Post newspaper.
The station is owned by Lusaka based business man Hambulo the husband of FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

Earlier in the day, Police formally arrested Post News paper News Editor, Chansa Kabwela, for circulating obscene materials.

Ms. Kabwela was briefly detained but released on police bond.

Post newspaper lawyer, Sam Mujuda, told reportres that Ms. Kabwela will appear in court on Tuesday

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