Shikapwasha Condemns Sata

Chief Government spokesperson, Lieutenant General, Ronnie Shikapwasha has condemned PF leader, Michael Sata for his statement that adopting the 50+1 threshold was the best way to fix president Rupiah Banda.

Shikapwasha said in an interview that voting for the clause that supports a majority win to assume power would bring chaos like what is being experienced in neighboring Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, Anti-Voter Apathy (AVAP) has urged Zambians to support the 50+1 clause which goes to the table for a vote tomorrow at the ongoing NCC debates.

Speaking in Lusaka,AVAP Executive Director, Bonnie Tembo, said the clause will allow for a candidate to win the majority of votes as opposed to the simple majority system we have now.

Tembo said the current system promoted regional rule which also encourages tribalism as the candidates only get votes from certain areas and not across the nation.

He advised every citizen to recognize the constitution as a governing document despite their political affiliation.

Tembo urged the NCC delegates to vote for the clause as it will allow for good governance, legitimacy, confidence in the ruling party as  they would have won the majority of votes as compared to the current situation where a candidate assumes power with less than 20% of the votes.

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