Shikapwasha continues threatening media

shikapwasha1Government has said it will investigate reports that MUVI TV and some private radio stations are circumventing the provisions of their broadcasting licenses by illegally using digital satellite technology to broadcast countrywide.

In a press statement availed to ZANIS today, Chief Government Spokesperson Lt. General Ronnie Shikapwasha said, according to broadcasting regulations, all Free-To-Air broadcasting licenses granted so far state the frequency, power and limitations, while those granted satellite based broadcasting licenses may not at the same time take on broadcasts that are limited to defined geographical areas.

Genral Shikapwash further said, so far only four terrestrial broadcasting licenses have been granted, all confined to specific areas of transmission.

The Minister named the stations as follows;

. MUVI TV, one frequency of 2 Kilowatts restricted to broadcasting within Lusaka.

. Copperbelt Broadcasting Services, one frequency of 2 Kilowatts restricted to Ndola.

. MOBI Television, 2 Kilowatts restricted to Lusaka, and

. CBC, 2 Kilowatts restricted to Lusaka.

The Minister explained that the only ones whose Satellite based television broadcasting licenses allow them to go countrywide are Multi-Choice Zambia, My Television, GTV and MOBI TV.

General Shikapwasha who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Servicees said, any station that is broadcasting outside the provisions of the provisions of the license, whether for testing technology or not, constitutes an offence and may have their licenses revoked.

He made it clear that there are three types of Free-To-Air radio broadcasting licenses being issued, which he categorized as, Commercial, Religious and Community Radio Stations.

He further said there are tow more, namely Terresstrial and Satellite based transmission.

Yesterday ZANIS reported that viewers in Kasama on Tuesday 1st September, 2009 started watching MUVI TV via Free-T-Air Satellite.

A Sales representative at Strong Technologies the owners of My TV told ZANIS today no permission was required to put MUVI TV on My TV bouguet because it is Free-To-Air.

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