Shikapwasha intimidates My TV

Government has advised My TV, registered for broadcasting license purpose as Strong Technologies, and any other satellite broadcasting licenses based in Zambia, that it is illegal to provide a platform for broadcasting for radio and television stations whose frequencies are restricted to specific areas. This according to a press statement issued in Lusaka today by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson Lt. General Ronnie Shikapwasha.

General Shikapwasha further said it has come to the attention of Government that My TV has entered into contract with MUVI TV to broadcast nationally through My TV’s satellite broadcasting system, programmes by MUVI TV which has its own broadcasting license. General Shikapwasha explained that whilst satellite based broadcasting stations can broadcast their programmes nationally, they are not permitted to take on their platform broadcasts by other stations licensed in Zambia whose frequencies are restricted. The Minister said, as a result of the above explanation, it is a contravention of their licenses to provide a platform for restricted broadcasting licenses to extend their services all over the nation. General Shikapwasha cautioned My TV and all other stations to end the illegal broadcasts immediately, or else have their licenses revoked if they do not take heed.


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