Shikapwasha says statement by LAZ president has no value

Government has denied allegations that the powers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) have been taken over by the Executive.

Government Spokesperson Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha says the media statement attributed to Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Steven Lungu, in today’s Post Newspaper, must be dismissed as it adds no value to enhancing the integrity of the judiciary and other arms governance.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha says as far as government is concerned, the office of the DPP is a constitutional office that is independent from the executive and shall continue operating as such.

Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said this in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka this evening.

He said the impression created by Mr. Lungu’s statement is that the DPP can only show his independence from the Executive by making decisions that are against the government.

“We as government are saddened that LAZ, which is a key institution in legal matters, is issuing misleading statements” he said.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha said there was no logic in LAZ making outrageous allegations, before getting feedback from the Attorney General.

He noted that the move was only aimed at intimidating the DPP into passing anti-government opinions, even when government is right.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha added that it was regrettable that LAZ, which initially seemed to be giving a good example in approaching national issues, is being discredited by people issuing careless statements in its name.

He said Government believes that the right approach to the matter was for LAZ to write to the Attorney General high lighting their observations concerning the office of the DPP, which he said they had done, as opposed to rushing to the media.

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