Shikapwasha threatens to arrest Kasama mayor


Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha says Kasama Mayor Fidelis Chishoma risks being arrested for inciting people to rise against government.

The mayor on Thursday said  he won’t welcome president Rupiah Banda to his town.

Chishoma  warned that President Rupiah Banda should not be surprised if he receives a hostile reception in Kasama for his bad leadership.

“It’s [booing] automatic, people can do what they wish. If I am a bad leader, I should be expecting a bad reception,” mayor Chishomwa said. “We are very surprised to see the acquittal of Chiluba and stopping the appeal. Majority of the people of Kasama are very upset. There are very few people benefiting from Mr Banda and his leadership.”

Bu Shikapwasha said the mayor must remember that he is a civic leader who should perform his civic duties.

He said the mayor should not incite people to rise against president Rupiah Banda because by doing so he risks being arrested.

He said that he expects PF leader Michael Sata to reprimand and remind his mayor of his civic duty.

And Shikapwasha says  utterances made by former defense minister George Mpombo puts the nation’s security at risk.

He says he is dismayed that former Cabinet Ministers are abrogating the Ministerial Code of Conduct instead of defending the code at all costs.

Shikapwasha says former ministers are mandated to adhere to the ministerial code of conduct and any departure from the it attracts disciplinary action against erring former ministers.

He disclosed that Mr Mpombo and his counterpart, Ngandu Magande, who is former Finance and National Planning Minister, have had their cases submitted to the National Executive Committee (NEC) for disciplinary action.

Shikapwasha said the two cabinet ministers should not feel superior and untouchable but wait for their ‘axe’ to fall on them.

He expressed disappointment that Mr. Mpombo was ‘stealing’ the limelight of peace and tranquility that Zambia is currently enjoying.

He implored the police and other law enforcement agencies to be on high alert in order for the Zambia citizens to enjoy peace.

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