Shimon Peres not going to the US because of Sata’s visit- Kapeya

Out-going Israel President Shimon Peres is not going anywhere because he is expected to hold talks with Zambian president Michael Sata, says Acting Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya.

Speaking to some media houses today who challenged him Kapeya that Sata cannot meet the out-going Israel President because he is headed to the United States, Kapeya maintained that Sata has a formal invitation from Mr. Shimon Peres.

“The problem is you Zambians like speculating. I have seen the letter of invitation from Mr. Peres to Mr. Sata and so he (Peres) is not going anywhere because of president Sata’s visit. Can you Zambians stop speculations,” an angry Mr. Kapeya said.

With  Kapeya’s current position, it now means that the out-going Israel president’s office, The White House, Israel and US media have all told lies that Mr. Shimon Peres is headed to the US for farewell meetings with top US officials, including president Barack Obama.

By the way, the Zambianwatchdog will soon reveal why Mwansa Kapeya is acting while the Information Minister Joseph Katema is in the country.

According to Kapeya, Israel Media are telling lies such as this one click here

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